Jon Olsson's new supercharged toy has a bold appearance to complement the beefy V10.

Upgrading from a one-off Audi RS6 DTM is a bit tricky taking into account the wagon was an absolute monster with a ton of modifications both inside and out, but professional freeskier and alpine ski racer Jon Olsson has found just the right car to replace his bespoke high-performance Avant.

What started off as a regular Huracan LP 610-4 is now a supercharged beast thanks to Stertman Motorsport. The first order of business was to slap on a supercharger on the 5.2-liter V10 engine and boost output to 800 hp (600 kW) and 610 lb-ft (826 Nm). The kit comes courtesy of VF Engineering, but the engineers from Stertman Motorsport in charge of the project further improved the internals to squeeze even more power.

We’ll have to wait a while for the final numbers, but during the early testing phase the Huracan was able to complete the 100 - 200 kph (62 – 124 mph) task in as little as 5.3 seconds. Jon Olsson says the final version with all the upgrades in place is even faster and it might just be the quickest tuned Huracan in Europe. To match the extra muscle provided by the V10, the baby Lamborghini has received an Akrapovic exhaust system with four carbon tips generating a more aggressive soundtrack.

Eventuri was responsible for developing a custom set of carbon fiber air intakes and also a new engine cover made from the same material programmed to be installed in the next few days. The ride height has been dropped significantly via a suspension kit from K&W to make the powered-up Huracan look as if it’s glued to the road.

Rounding off the list of changes is a carbon fiber roof box created by 56Nord as a nod to the one Jon Olsson had on its RS6 Avant as well as a full body camo livery from WrapZone to turn the supercharged Huracan into the “ultimate winter transporter.”

Source: Jon Olsson

Jon Olsson's Lamborghini Huracan