This is yet another example of why racing a public road is a bad idea.

Racing on public roads is a stupid idea, a point underlined by this incident that wiped out one of the most imaginatively tuned cars we’ve come across.

An E36 BMW M3 running the 5.0-liter V10 from an E60 M5 - with added nitrous injection - took on a Mk.4 Volkswagen Golf with the 5.0-liter, twin-turbo V10 from c. 2008 Audi RS6, tuned to 1,300 horsepower (969 kilowatts). Both cars were registered in Kosovo, where this race took place.

As the cars entered a freeway, the drivers lit the blue touch paper and ripped down the road, trailing glorious noise behind them. The Golf is significantly faster than the M3 and, in his efforts to keep up, the driver lost control.

This rear-facing view from the Golf gives a much clearer picture of what happened.


It seems as though the M3 lost traction, possibly as the driver hit the nitrous, and the rear stepped out to the left. Though the initial break-away is quite small, the pendulum effect quickly took hold and a massive tank-slapper developed.

There’s nothing the driver could do to prevent the inevitable, and the M3 hit the barrier hard. It was sent flying and spinning violently through the air, and pinballed off the opposite barrier.

The driver apparently emerged from the wreckage without serious injury - he had been sensible enough to install a rollcage and other race car safety measures. But the car was completely destroyed - besides the massive body damage, a fire broke out in what was left of the engine bay.

If this crash was indeed caused by a traction issue, racing at a proper facility might not have prevented it. But emergency services would at least be on hand if the worst happened. I'm not sure organised motorsport has yet taken hold in Kosovo, as the country continues to recover from the terrible civil war that tore it apart in the 1990s, but you wouldn't have to go far beyond the borders to find it.

Source: GT Speed

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