Given the choice between taking out a criminal, and he counters by threatening you, a woman, and an Audi R8, what would you do?

We open on a black Audi R8 moving at a slow crawl through a parking garage. Meanwhile, an armed security guard is stalking a well-groomed criminal-type with a gun. An attractive woman comes out of the car after parking it - badly, across three parking spots.

The ruffian approaches, presumably to tell her about unwritten parking garage rules, even in an empty lot. The guard pulls his weapon and orders the thug to drop it. A standoff ensues, with the criminal alternating between holding his gun on the guard, then the woman, then finally the car. You'll have to watch the video to find out what happens next.

Not a bad one-minute spot for Audi. The only disappointing element is the criminal's choice of indescript getaway vehicle. We would have chosen something that at least matches the 518 hp capabilities of the Audi R8 V10.

Then again, maybe we watch too many movies.

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