Want to send a holiday greeting to the Merc-Benz lover of the family? The AMG Snowflake Creator was released by Mercedes AMG as a Christmas e-card generator for just that purpose.

Under the marketing guise of "One Man - One Engine", the snowflake image is meant to reinforce the uniquity of the AMG and its hand-crafted qualities. Your snowflake can be outfitted with windshield wipers, rev counters, alloys, a gear shift knob, wheel & brake assembly, or V12 badging. Although nobody can really guarantee that your AMG snowflake is unique (there are only 1,237 combinations of parts), you get the chance to really customize it by typing your message on the car's hood.

Personally, my card was a bit obscene. At the behest of our managing editor we simply decided to get the point across by wishing you happy holidays.

English speakers are not the only ones who can partake in the fun. Of course, German speakers have their own option. You can make your own card by clicking here.

Gallery: Mercedes AMG holiday e-card - snowflake creator

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