Swedish truck maker working on logistics solution to make transport greener and more efficient. The Volvo Group project is in conjunction with Swedish government to meet EU challenge of lightening the load on Europe's roads as traffic grows.

The Volvo Group is working with the Swedish government to find a solution to Europe's growing logistics and environmental problems.

Part of the Volvo Group's contribution will be the development of a Duo-trailer truck, an extended truck and trailer design, based on the European 25.25m module concept. The module concept is an EU initiative to build trailers that are compatible with railcars and shipping containers and create a more efficient, multi-modal transport system for Europe.

Partnering with logistics provider DB Schenker, Volvo Group are cooperating with VINNOVA, the Swedish government agency for innovation systems, and the Swedish Road Administration, on creating so-called "green corridors" which will be highways, railways and short-sea shipping routes that maximize efficiency of transport in moving goods around Sweden and the rest of Europe.

The Duo-trailer can carry a bigger cargo and will help keep more trucks off the road, therefore creating less CO2 emissions and traffic congestion. According to the EU, traffic on European roads is set to rise by about 50 percent over the next decade. The EU is looking for logistics solutions to address that challenge by making traffic systems more efficient and having greener trucks on the road.

The Volvo Group, owner of Volvo Trucks, is not associated with Volvo Cars. Volvo Group sold Volvo Cars to Ford in 1999.