BMW Board Member and former Chief Financial Officer Dr. Michael Ganal has passed away after battling a severe illness.

Dr. Michael Ganal has passed away last Thursday night after a severe illness. The Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG was 54 years old at the time of his passing, and he was Chief Financial Officer for the company, having joined the management board in 2000.

Dr. Ganal had been a BMW employee since 1986, being responsible for its Sales and Marketing Division. Condolences from Professor Joachim Milberg, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BMW AG, say Dr Ganal was "an outstanding leader and a strong personality". Milberg said the Dr had fought his illness with that same strong will and sheer unflinching energy.
"On behalf of the Supervisory Board and the share-holders of the company I wish to express our deepest, heartfelt sympathy to Dr. Ganal's family," he said.

The Overall Works Council of BMW AG said Dr. Ganal was absolutely straightforward and kept firmly on the ground in professional debates and other points of contention.

Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the management Board also sent his deepest condolences on behalf of the entire company.
"He was a fascinating leader of people and a top executive in the most positive sense of the word," said Reithofer. He also stated that Dr. Ganal had the uncanny ability of genuinely thrilling and winning over his colleagues and employees through his ideas.

Dr. Friedrich Eichiner was recently appointed as CFO after acting in that position for a while during Dr. Ganal's illness.





BMW CFO Dr. Michael Ganal Dies After Severe Illness