Video reveals mysterious Rolls Royce Phantom decked in matte black. Interior finish is in a similar black and metal, industrial design theme. Who could this car belong to?

A Rolls Royce Phantom decked out in matte black? Okay, we'll have a look but we can't promise we will like it.

After all, ultra-luxury vehicles like a Rolls, with its own distinct styling and baroque design, are not something you can easily take home and re-model yourself.

Some speculation is in order here on this Rolls. Judging by this video, the setting is Southern California and one has to wonder who this car belongs to. A movie star? No, this car screams music industry outlandishness. Probably a hip-hop artist. By the way, is this thing bulletproof?

There is something about a matte black job that gives a vehicle that certain testing-phase, pre-production, camouflaged look. As if the car isn't really finished.

On the inside, the black and metal industrial-design theme seems to work much better. But a charcoaled matte black finish on the outside makes the car look, well, not quite done. Where is the opulence and sheen of the Rolls of yore? Your thoughts?


Matte Black Rolls-Royce Phantom Menace