BMW PAS or V Series or whatever else the vehicle has been labeled, has been rendered quite impressively too. Those close to the situation say rendering is pretty close to the real deal.

Today we see a new rendering for the BMW Progressive Activity Sedan or PAS as it is currently known. Spy pictures of the PAS have time and time again cropped up, with its design cues pointing in several directions. According to BMW Chairman Norbert Reithofer, PAS will boast class-leading interior and luggage space, extending legroom substantially for all passengers. What class you ask?

It would seem the vehicle, based on the 5 Series platform, will be bigger, higher, and longer, featuring that fast-back rear end of the X6. Being the first of a possible V Series range for BMW, the PAS is more about practicality inside than what the exterior can do. As a result, we can imagine a slew of innovations that offer space optimization solutions as well as infotainment toys galore. The PAS is expected to debut as a 2010 model.

The normal BMW range of diesel and petrol engines will apply, maybe also giving hybrid power another entry into BMW. BMW's wisdom in entering/ creating yet another niche product during such economic times will be questioned. But if the Bavarians are providing solutions to everyday transport problems, they may still keep their lead in the premium sector.


Rendered Speculation: BMW 5 Series PAS