New type of bus will carry both passengers and freight around a city. Designer Hugh Frost proposes a zero-emissions bus that can carry 150 people and 35 pallets of freight at once.

Hugh Frost wants to make London tranport more efficient and is looking for investors to help make the future look like this bus.

Frost has come up with a whole concept for a city transport system, On-Route, and designed a vehicle called the FreightBUS that will be the centerpiece of the new system.

The FreightBUS will carry both passengers and freight around the city and thereby reduce traffic and emissions by having fewer small delivery vans moving goods around town. The new system will require a new logistics infrastructure, including hubs for loading and unloading freight that is being transported by the FreightBUS.

Frost's bus will also feature advanced technologies. It will run on either batteries or hydrogen fuel-cells and will be designed so that an electric motor propulsion system can be fueled by both. A hybrid-system is also proposed by Frost, with a 2.0 liter LPG (liquefied petroleum gas or "wet" natural gas) engine used to top off the batteries. But Frost's main objective is to have a zero-emissions bus.

A series of distributed wheel motors will power the bus. That is, each wheel will have its own small electric motor to drive it, which Frost claims is about 50 percent more energy efficient than having a central motor power the vehicle. The FreightBUS will be able to hold 150 people, with 52 on ceiling-suspended seats, while carrying a cargo of 35 freight pods (or 35 euro pallets).

Frost is claiming that there currently exists technology that can make possible an 80 percent recharge of the batteries in around one minute. Now, that is a claim one has every right to be skeptical of.

This system is based on a proposal Hugh Frost submitted to Transport for London, a competition held this year by the city looking for a new bus design. Frost didn't win it. But he's hoping to find investors who think it should have.



Radical Freight*BUS urban concept seeks investors