Noble's M600, a V8-powered shotgun is spied closer than ever before, including lovely shots of engine bay and a more upmarket interior.

Following last month's spy shots of a new Noble M600 doing performance testing at Firebird Raceway in Arizona, US, the guys at are now in possession of fresh spy pictures of the car. A Porsche Carrera GT was also seen to be lurking around, which points to it being one of the benchmark cars the M600 is being modeled upon.

Last time the guys had been snapping away from as far as the track's grandstands, but this round managed to get up close and tight with the M600. A new more plush and friendly interior is one of the highlights, after past Nobles were criticised for being too hard on their passengers, especially in everyday driving. So Noble answers those comments with a generous helping of Alcantara all over, better, friendlier switchgear and other softer feel amenities.

The M600 is powered by a Volvo-sourced twin turbo V8, spewing out a hectic 600+ hp/ 447kW+ engine. Arrival time is pointed towards early 2009.


Noble M600 Spied Close Up On a Track