An explanatory video on Mercedes-Benz's new MyCOMAND infotainment system that lets you access the Internet and a hard drive, among others.

Mercedes-Benz is revealed its myCOMAND infotainment system at the LA Auto Show last month. If you were too busy to attend, a video clip highlighting myCOMAND's abilities is just a click away.

MyCOMAND is the Mercedes-Benz way of in-car entertainment and information retrieval system.

Merc says the system is user-friendly and simple enough to use that the driver doesn't get distracted too much. Features that can be accessed through myCOMAND include VOIP, satellite navigation, CD/ world radio player and a large hard drive. Even Internet can be accessed, which the driver can use for such applications as real-time traffic information recovery and other browsing functions.


VIDEO: Mercedes' new MyCOMAND Infotainment System