Two commercial concept vehicles, NV2500 and NV200, were unveiled by Nissan North America in signaling the Japanese automaker's intention of entering US commercial vehicle space.

Nissan's entry into the North American commercial vehicle (CV) market has been previewed by this Nissan NV2500 Concept, unveiled at the Nissan Technical Center North America. The concept features a three-zone interior, a sort of wall-less design that carries a PC workstation, foldable conference table, lots of storage compartments, and a workshop table.

Multi-functionality and durability were the buzzwords when designing interior which Nissan says can stand up to the demands of heavy duty construction sites, as well as other normal locations.

At the same time Nissan showed a second CV concept, the NV200, which is a small van made to be fuel-efficient and work as a delivery van or mobile office. A sliding cargo pod extending from the rear shows an IT workspace on the NV200, and living quarters.

Nissan is now branding its new and future CVs "N"-something, followed by the class of vehicle as determined by the company, and then its designation. NV200 would be the fraternal twin brother to the mini pickup NP200, Nissan's smallest CV. The lineup of Nissan's CVs will eventually boast vehicles up to Class 5 gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR).


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