Russian car design house is rejoining some of its project partners 9ff and Cardi in "fine tuning" a Porsche Panamera, one of the first.

A Moscow-based tuning company called Top Car Designs is already ahead of others as it submits these sketches of a tuned Porsche Panamera, seen in black, grey and black & white two-tone. Top Car is again collaborating with two other brands - Cardi on design and in production and chassis development is German tuner 9ff. Top Car itself takes care of marketing and management of the project.

Top Car and its partners are exploring two options as far as body refinement goes; either a complete body overhaul with every panel of the Panamera being replaced except for the roof, or something less ostentatious, like working only on bumpers, sills and the bonnet.

The team is expecting to take delivery of one of the very first Panameras so as to start work on it. Cardi will take delivery, prepare a full-scale version, go through a normal design/ CAD process and send it to 9ff in Germany where a tuning kit will be installed, including engine, transmission, brakes and suspension.


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