Sporty, sexy, desirable. Three words to describe Maserati GT S MC Sport Line, unveiled to a drooling public in Bologna.

Bologna was the always going to be the correct setting for Maserati's latest revelation, MC Sport Line. This customisation programme is offered to Maserati owners, initially those who drive the GranTurismo S. MC Sport Line is really a summation of Maserati's track experience and inspires customisation quality to the level that its clients are used to in their standard cars.

Modifications include aerodynamics, using front and rear carbon fiber spoilers to optimise the vertical load, and the side skirts add a dynamic look, especially with that matte black finish. Carbon fiber appears on mirror housings and door handles, while the black 20-inch rims match these dark finishes.

Lowered by 10mm for better handling, the MC Sport Line also benefits from a stiffer suspension. Again, carbon fiber for everyone: steering wheel, paddle shifts, body of instrument panel, and dashboard panels.

The Maserati GranTurismo S is equipped with a 440hp/ 323kW, 4.7 litre V8 engine fitted with an electro-actuated transmission with MC-Shift. It's the ultimate expression of Maserati; luxury and performance with flair.


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