Honda will introduce their all-new 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid at the North American International Auto Show next month, and we expect it to sell out with a price this low.

Honda announced their intention to introduce the American spec all-new 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid at the Detroit Motor Show, and they did so by releasing the photo seen here. The new Insight quickly went from theory to reality, having been originally introduced as a concept at the Paris Auto Show this past October.

The five-seat, five-door Insight motors along on a lightweight, compact version of the Honda IMA hybrid powertrain. Indeed, Honda added some style to the new car by pulling the nose forward and shortening the back, giving it a much more driveable look than was previously expected. Now, instead of looking like the younger brother of the ugly-but-unique first generation Insight, the new model appears to be its sporty cousin.

Confirmation of the car's fuel efficiency were not released. Reports range from a respectible 40 miles per gallon up to 67mpg. We expect the car to be priced in the $20,000 range.

That price puts it in a position to outsell the Honda Civic hybrid, as well as the more expensive Toyota Prius. Honda anticipates "annual global sales of 200,000 units per year," according to a press release. Over 280,000 Prius models were sold in 2007, which makes us wonder if Honda will ultimately need to boost output of their new gas sipper.

Expect the all-new 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid to make a big splash next month.