VW Golf BiFuel is shown for the first time in Bologna. Golf BiFuel runs on liquified gas as well as petrol.

After the Golf Plus MkVI another Volkswagen Golf variant has made its world premier at the Bologna Motor Show. Golf BiFuel 1.6-litre is powered by a dual-powered engine that runs on both petrol and liquified petroleum gas (LPG). The car represents VW's first ever factory-installed LPG system. VW says as a result of being tested thoroughly and of course fully supported by them, it's much more durable and reliability is virtually guaranteed.

More importantly for VW is that in LPG mode the car emits up to 10 percent fewer CO2 gases. In this mode the 72kW / 98 PS engine averages 9.2 litres of LPG per 100km, with a 149 g/km CO2 emissions figure. That works out to about 6.38 EUR per 100km in Germany. Switching to petrol mode the Golf BiFuel returns 7.1 litres of unleaded per 100km, CO2 emissions are 169 g/km. Currently the cost in Germany would be 8.60 EUR.

Theoretically the Golf BiFuel has a range of 1,100 kilometres, and in pure LPG mode the range would be 420km. Not to worry; Germany has a network of 4,500 LPG filling stations.


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