MG, now under ownership by Chinese manufacturer SAIC, have announced the production of the TF LE500 from August at the ex-MG Rover Longbridge plant in Birmingham. Having undergone a number of 'active quality improvements' as well as optimisation of parts, the new TF is part of a thought-out strategy to re-introduce the MG brand to the UK.

“The open top sportscar is an iconic image of British motoring and forms the basis of the MG marque’s long pedigree," says Gary Hagen, Director of Sales & Marketing. "The launch of the TF LE500 signals our determination to keep this class of car at the heart of the brand as we take it forward.” 

And taking it forward is exactly what's on the books at the brand's facility in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Designers are currently planning a number of new MG models aimed at capturing the essence of the brand and taking it into new sectors, while rumours emerging from Auto Express suggest that an all-new TF model is in the pipeline, offering both convertible and coupe options for 2010. Also expected is a re-worked version of the Roewe 550 in a similar move to the old MG-Rover brand relationship.

The first deliveries to showrooms begin September, a moment inconcievable at the break-up of the British firm in 2005.