Artist's rendering of the next-generation Porsche Cayenne due in 2010. The Cayenne is expected to be smaller and styled more like a sports crossover or wagon than a full on SUV.

Speculation, speculation, speculation, well, it's always nice to dream.

As in, what would your perfect Cayenne look like?

It may look like this.

These artist's rendering are based on spy shots of the next-generation Cayenne Porsche currently has in development.

It seems the Cayenne is getting smaller and going more...wagon-ly. Or as the French like to call it, break. Or, to use BMW's nomenclature, touring. Wait, why are the words always in English but each country has its own terms for things? Weird.

The Cayenne seems to have a more sloping windshield and sits lower to the ground. Its horizontal lines make it friendly looking, with a more pronounced downward slope towards the front end.

This Cayenne also looks more agile and you can expect an improved performance in the next generation.

Porsche says it wants the next Cayenne to be more fuel-efficient and plans on offering a diesel and as well as a hybrid version. Already a current-generation Cayenne hybrid is expected next year along with a diesel too. Each will be a first for the up until now exclusively petrol/gasoline Porsche brand.

There are no confirmed details yet on which engines will power the next-generation Cayenne.

The one thing we can really be sure about is that the next Cayenne will make the streets by 2010.