RENNtech creates Starship Enterprise-like SL 65 AMG to challenge arch-competitor BRABUS with continuous references to Star Trek.

More Star Trek references, this time it's from RENNtech - the Klingons to BRABUS's Federation (may as well play along).

Since, BRABUS last week unveiled a tuned version of the Tesla roadster which featured a "space sound generator" that can simulate two "futuristic soundscapes" called Warp and Beam, RENNtech is now on the counter-attack with a photo of what can only be described as a very tacky Mercedes SL 65 AMG that they claim can hit WARP speed.

Maybe RENNtech can do a promotional tie-in with the new Star Trek movie that will be coming out next year. As in, when you buy a happy meal at McDonald's for your kid and you get a RENNtech Mercedes SL 65 AMG as a prize. Wouldn't be a bad deal.

RENNtech are being coy here and we can indulge them because that photo looks, well, so ridiculous it begs for more jokes. So here we go.

Captain Kirk: Scotty, we need more power!

Scotty: The ship just can't take no more of this Captain! But we'd be able to go a lot faster without these useless plastic wings attached to the car.


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