The Golf Plus gets a minor facelift from VW, including new bumpers and lighting. The model will be unveiled this week at the Bologna Motor Show.

Dutch publication Auto Telegraaf has gotten its hands on a preview folder for the upcoming facelifted Golf Plus, which VW will be debuting this week at the Bologna Motor Show.

The Golf Plus doesn't get the major makeover that the Golf itself will be getting, but VW is moving the Plus more in the direction of having its own distinct identity. VW still counts sales of of the Plus together with the Golf as a single model, though. But that may be simply to keep the Golf the best selling vehicle in Europe, which it has been for most of the last 30 years.

The Plus gets a new set of bumpers, restyled at the back with a visible exhaust pipe. There's some new lighting, a chrome-lined grille and a fresh selection of interior fabrics and color palette. The Plus also gets Parking Assist as that technology trickles down into the lower end models.

A subtle package that suits the Plus - a bulkier, family variant of the Golf.


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