Jack Brabham could sue German firm Brabham Racing for using his name for profit without his knowledge.

Following reports of the famous Brabham name coming back on the scene, the man who made it famous is saying it is being used without his knowledge or consent. Sir Jack Brabham who is now 82 years old and suffers from kidney failure, says Brabham Racing is selling cars and other products under his name although they have nothing to do with him or his family. He believes they are trying to cash in on his successes.

Despite legally registering the Brabham Racing name in Germany, the tuning company had released materials falsely implying a Brabham connection with headlines such as, "Return of a Legend" and "After numerous successes in Formula One and being dormant for nearly sixteen years, the legendary motor racing brand was relaunched."

"It is very disappointing, in 65 years of racing no one has ever done this to me before," Brabham told AAP. "They are using my name without my knowledge to promote and sell their products."

He is considering legal action against the company. German tuning company Brabham Racing is exhibiting a modified BMW M3, among others, at the Essen Motor Show. Its spokesman Michael Trick says the issue is "with the lawyers".

The Brabham Formula One team won four drivers' championships and two constructors' championships. Brabham remains to this day the only championship winning name borne by both driver and winning car. Interestingly the legal name of Brabham's former team is Motor Racing Developments Ltd.


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