Mercedes design tuner Lorinser brings its version of the new GLK to the Essen Motor Show.

Tuners don't like to waste time and the window between releases of new models and tuner versions has all but disappeared.

But does that mean these things are often rush jobs? Probably not, since many top tuners have technical staff as qualified as the ones that build the cars and also have a good relationship with manufacturers who love the press attention these presentations get. But it does mean we are not getting many details about this new GLK by Lorinser except for these pics available here from opening day at the Essen Motor Show.

Notable here is the mesh wire grill with the underside skid plate in a highlighting color. A matching underside skid plate at the back is braced by the quad exhaust. The side skirts are subtle but the entire effect of the added design cues is to soften the lines of this rather boxy model.

Lorinser is an established Mercedes design tuner, so perhaps to look is all we really need.


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