It's the turn of legendary racing name Brabham to spruce up the BMW M3. They have, and it's being shown at Essen 2008.

Brabham Racing from Germany is making its return to the upper ground, after going underground back in 1992. ‘Underground' means bankrupt for our purposes. At Essen, Brabham aims to show the world that it's still alive and well, kicking even, starting with this combative-looking M3 which is dubbed BT 92, '92 referencing that fateful year.

Not much has come our way in the sense of performance or engine details, safe to say that Brabham's Formula One experience, long in the tooth as it is, has come to assist it in tuning this car.

Do we detect a bit of BMW fanaticism here? Does Brabham want to take the fish straight out of Alpina and AC Schnitzer's mouths? It's ok we reckon, there's room for one more to join the tuning pack.