A dream for tuners, TUNE IT! SAFE! polizei/ police car, based on a Volkswagen Scirocco, is like a license for tuners to run amok. Not quite, as the vehicle is used to raise tuning safety awareness.

Some police officers are lucky enough to acquire Lamborghinis for their daily duties, while others have to make do with Vauxhall Astras. TUNE IT! SAFE! polizei/ police car is the VW Scirocco seen here, which is the embodiment of a joint venture between, among others, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and VDAT eV (Association of Automobile Tuners in Germany). The aim of TUNE IT! SAFE! is to raise awareness about safer car tuning or more specifically products that are counterfit or non compliant with German industry manufacturing standards.

A number of sponsors are involved in the project, one of which is Hankook who provided the car with its low and wide type Ventus S1 evo tyres. Size is a massive 245/30 ZR 20, massive for a Scirocco.

The car is live at the Essen Motor Show. Both police and non-police personnel are welcome to see it.


TUNE IT! SAFE! Scirocco 2009 Live at Essen