BMW X6 was given a shakedown by the guys at LUMMA where many components are changed/ improved. Even the name was changed to CLR X 650. It's at Essen for public viewing.

LUMMA's CLR X 650 is now at Essen. The BMW X6-based coupe SUV (that's what BMW asked everyone to call it) is stepping out on huge 23-inch wheels which make it slump a bit more because of its 35mm-lowered sport suspension.

Body kit is full and wide-bodied, includes 5cm fender extensions, side skirts, front bumper spoilers and rear ones. BMW's 4.4-litre V8 turbo's ECU has been reprogrammed to foster more power, while a stainless steel sport exhaust system added. LUMMA's gas pedal power module or GPM helps increase pedal power response.

CLR X 650 has an upgraded interior so the outside matches the inside as well. Leather and Alcantara feature heavily on the seats and the LUMMA logo appears in a number of surfaces, including the foot pedals.


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