Here comes the tuner of the future. Notwithstanding the plummeting price of oil, consumer tastes have made a paradigm shift towards economical cars mainly because of, well, global economics. And it's probably a smart idea to try to get in ahead of the game on the emerging trend towards zero emissions cars.

Yes, BRABUS is tuning electric vehicles. But what does that entail? Swapping the standard, no-name brand batteries for Energizers?

No, but they start where electric cars do need the most tuning - the sound. BRABUS have introduced a "space sound generator" which can simulate a variety of engine sounds including that of a good ol' fashioned combustion engine V8. There's also a race car sound. Then things get a little too video gamey/Star Trekkie. Like the two "futuristic soundscapes" called Warp and Beam. Simply getting rid of that whiny golf-cart sound of every electric car would have been enough of a start.

There are a collection of optics such as new wheels (18" in front, 19" at the rear) and side entrance lights, again with the moniker "futuristic" attached. (You spot a theme here?) A rear wing and diffuser is also added by BRABUS. Interiors are re-done in lightweight leather and Alcantara.

Looks and sounds (hopefully) great. Enough "car of the future" stuff, though. We need electric cars right now. But you can spare us the Star Trek references.


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