Dodge Challenger proved good enough for Eibach for a little tune-up in the run towards Essen Motor Show. A deep orange dominates both interior and exterior.

Eibach chose to cross the Atlantic on a muscle-car-finding mission for their stand at Essen. They sailed back with a Challenger. Based on the Dodge Challenger R/T, a few mods have been made such as a fully adjustable suspension and 9.5 x22-inch OZ Botticelli III-wide rims with 265/30R Toyo Tires Sport tyres wrapped around.

Eibach used the 431hp/ 317kW and 569Nm 6.1-litre block whose standard straight line speed is estimated at 5.3 seconds 0 - 100km/h. Those suspension tune-ups were made to improve the muscle car's handling so its straighline speed is matched by its cornering ability. Top velocity of 250km/h can be attained from this plant/ orange car combination.

Where ICE is concerned an Alpine multimedia system is found inside; two Moniceiver DVD monitors and a good number of speakers.


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