Despite hostile market conditions resulting in an embarrassing low number of major manufacturer cancellations at the Detroit auto show this January, the Geneva Motor Show which follows three months later is boasting full exhibitor attendance.

As one of the 5 major auto shows in the world it is the only show in Europe that takes place every year, always in early springtime. Rolf Studer, General Manager of the Show, is clear on his goal: "We know it is of key importance to offer automobile manufacturers an attractive platform which guarantees them an opportunity to efficiently present and communicate to the rest of the world. Every year we welcome some 10,000 media representatives and more than 700,000 visitors, of which 37% come from more than 110 countries".

In recent weeks we have seen an alarming number of major manufacturers either pullout of the Detroit show or cancel their press conferences, like GM recently did in Los Angeles. This list includes Ferrari, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Rolls Royce, Nissan and Suzuki while Honda has only canceled its press conference and will still debut the new Insight hybrid, although in silence.

Geneva Motor Show 2009: All major automakers confirmed