Lamborghini has high hopes for their Gallardo Super Trofeo on the racing circuit, especially now that the car has surpassed everyone's expectations by posting lap times faster than any ever recorded with a single-brand trophy race car.

The car was being tested for the first time under simulated race conditions at the Vallelunga Race Track outside Rome by the Lamborghini development team and driven by test driver Giorgio Sanna when the records were broken. It is scheduled to make its first racing debut on May 2, 2009 at Silverstone. The race will last 40 minutes and during that time the driver will not be allowed to change tires, putting higher demands on both the driver and the tires.

To deal with these challenges Lamborghini allows the Gallardo Super Trofeo to be calibrated depending on the driver and the track it will be driven on. Test driver Giorgio Sanna credits the Gallardo's all-wheel drive system and the aerodynamic downforce with giving the car exceptional handling. The Super Trofeo is the only one-make series in the motorsport world to feature cars with all-wheel drive, giving it an edge up on competitors.

A total of 30 Super Trofeo cars will be built and are available to individual enthusiasts and Lamborghini dealer teams, additionally one car will be entered by Lamborghini itself. Based on the new Gallardo LP 560-4, it is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 with direct injection which produces 419 kW (570 hp). The car also features the e.gear transmission, competition tires from Pirelli, a special racing brake system, additional carbon-fiber exterior bodywork, an ultra-light race seat, a racing steering wheel, and unique racing instrumentation.



Gallery: Gallardo Super Trofeo sets lap record for a one-make trophy car

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