The next generation Jaguar XF, spied almost fully unmasked with hood mounted air vents and quad exhaust is expected to come with a new 5.0 liter, direct-injection engine with more than 500 hp of pulling power.

The wait continues for exactly which car show Jaguar will choose to unveil its upcoming new XF series at.

But it's a sign that a debut is coming soon that they seem to be getting a little careless with concealing the new XF-R, running about without much camouflage, as evidenced here in these spy shots.

Distinguishing features are the air vents on the hood, large bumper air intakes and quad exhaust.

Speculation is that Jaguar will better the current 4.2 liter, 420 hp supercharged engine in the SV8 XF with a 5.0 liter, direct-injection power plant supplying more that 500 hp of pull.

Jaguar earned a lot of critical brownie points with the SV8 XF, which was largely viewed as a car true to the Jag heritage. Now, Jaguar seems serious about taking on the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz AMG E63. A gentlemanly British challenge to the dominance of the German premiums brands.


Jaguar XF-R Spied in Red