New Z4 Roadster will feature a retractable hardtop, Z4 Coupe will be tuned for performance and the Z2 will be a hybrid compact roadster with BMW's eDrive technology developed for the MINI-E, an electric MINI vehicle.

Reliable sources state that BMW will debut the new Z4 next month in both a roadster and coupe configuration.

The new Z4 Roadster will feature a folding hardtop this time instead of the previous soft one. BMW claims that the use of lightweight materials will help keep the weight off of the Z4.

The Z4 Coupe will come with a stiffer and lowered suspension to continue to give the Coupe version the serious performance credibility that BMW aims for with the model. The Coupe will also have distinguishing design cues to differentiate it from the roadster.

Engines will max out with top performing inline 6 cylinders, as is usual for the Z series, but BMW is also studying a possible M version that may adopt a V8 powerplant from the M3.

Also coming down the pike is the Z2 hybrid. The Z2 will be a compact roadster that will feature the new BMW eDrive technology in development right now with the MINI-E (a full electric vehicle with a 150 kW/204 hp electric motor that churns out 220 Nm of torque).

It seems BMW is serious about continuing to create roadsters and coupes in this segment.


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