Next-generation Porsche Boxster spied here. The new 2011 model is set to debut in 2010 and Porsche promises a lighter and more economical car.

Hey, didn't Porsche just unveil its face-lifted Boxster at the L.A. Auto Show?

Yes, but it's never too early to start working on your next generation model which is what we've spied here.

From a look at these spy shots there seems to be a stylistic consistency with the current Boxster but much of the body panels look new and different. Porsche promises a lighter and more economical car but has not released any details on engines or transmissions for the new Boxster.

When Porsche debuted its first generation Boxster back in 1996 there were critics who said Porsche was taking the brand too down market by making this rather plain roadster to compete with cabriolet models from premium brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. And the critics were vocal too when Porsche put out the Cayenne. Still, those models succeeded and Porsche seems to do no wrong. We are compelled to trust.

Porsche hopes that a re-invention of the Boxster will make the next generation model continue its success when it comes to market in that distant future of 2010 (or 2011), when perhaps you may have an automotive world without GM and where Porsche owns VW.

We'll just have to wait.


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