A 2011 Porsche 911 (998 model) is caught on camera while testing. The car goes on sale in 2011 and will define the rebirth of Porsche's icon.

Time flies when you are driving a Porsche 911. So fast it flies that you forget there is a next-generation one coming up right around the corner. The next 911, dubbed 998, has been spied prancing around in heavy test mule camo. This car is due out in the year 2011, which is really right around the corner, if you drive a 911.

Spied vehicle is probably not a Turbo since those side air-intake vents are fake, and so is the big rear spoiler. What will not be fake however are those flat-six boxer engines we associate with Porsche so well, turbo power of course, names like GT3 and GT2, as well as PDK. PDK is the new 7-speed double-clutch gearbox employed by Porsche in its new cars.

Porsche is clearly not sitting on its laurels; they are getting on with the business of making cars.


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