Audi R8 is being flattered to the extreme by an obvious fan in Spain through his replica. At a number of angles it doesn't actually look too bad.

Alberto Gavach Fuertes of Zaragoza, Spain, is flirting with a potential lawsuit from the Audi motor company. Who might he be, you ask? He is the guy who has built a replica of the Audi R8, and is hapy to sell it and possible future copies (of the copy) thereof for €40,000. Strange enough, the guy may actually have a few inquiries from potential buyers. Fake that it is, the ReplicaAudiR8 as it's called, is based on a 2001 Mercury Cougar. Who would have thought?

Narrower than the original, Alberto's creation does come surprisingly close to being a carbon copy; integrated intake vents from the upcoming R8 V10, a front quarter that, if photographed solo, would pass as R8 any day. The resemblance actually, is very eerie. Front end looks rather good, LED lights and everything, Audi four-rings slapped for good measure on the bonnet. The rear is notably higher, with no twin tailpipes to be seen. But then again R8 is a low-slung sports car and replicating it to that sort of level would require a great deal of suspension work.

As for the interior, Alberto needs to put in a bit more effort there; a steering wheel claiming "R8" and everything else screaming "Cougar" just won't do at this price level. So, good thoughts, bad thoughts?


Creepy Audi R8 Replica Built from Mercury Cougar