Inspired by the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, US designer Christian Cyrulewski has rendered a reskinned C6 Corvette with retro styling cues, called the C3R.

Is the C6 Corvette just a bit too modern for you? Designer Christian Cyrulewski felt exactly the same way, so he reskinned Chevy's supercar in the spirit of the classic 1969 Stingray. He's released a rendering of the car, which he plans to build and display for the 2009 Woodward Dream Cruise car show in Detroit, Michigan.

Dubbed the C3R, the redesign includes the '69 Stingray's razor-sharp, chrome-tipped nose, slatted air intakes and distinct Coke-bottle silhouette. Cyrulewski says that the car is only four inches longer than the production ZR-1, and that it won't have pop-up headlights like its inspiration does.

The C3R is only a computer-generated concept at the moment, but Cyrulewski says that if crowd reaction to the finished car is favorable, he will consider a limited production body kit. It would naturally be offered with a 427 (7.0 liter) V8 engine and side exhausts, like the original '69 Stingray.

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