In the heart of Berlin at the legendary Checkpoint Charlie, on the corner of Friedrichstraße, the new Italian cult car calls out to passers-by from the top of a huge advertising cube

The new Fiat 500 had already created quite a stir in the German capital Berlin when it circled the U-Bahn before it picked up its Car of the Year 2008 award in January. Now Fiat and their German ad agencies created a huge advertising cube right in the heart of the city at Checkpoint Charlie on Friedrichstrasse.

The two 288 square meter hoardings allow people to send in text messages which will be displayed on the gigantic billboard. Fiat is using the following slogan to promote their all new retro mini car, '500 people's car, created by the people', and so far 3 million people have left their 2 cents worths on the dedicated 500wantsyou website

A nice and very interactive campaign, but we are missing the actual 500's hanging from the advertisement.

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