Official details on powertrains, engines and the design philosophy of Porsche Panamera have been released, finally. Panamera will be sold from about August 2009. More info is forthcoming.

A number of official details on the new Porsche Panamera have finally been released, ending years of speculation and frantic spy activity. Although we have covered most of this previously, it's worth noting one or two other details that may have slipped past our beady eyes.

The Panamera is a four door coupe which is the fourth model line for Porsche, following 911, Boxster/ Cayman, and Cayenne. It has clear Porsche DNA in its design, with a typical 911 landscape upfront, wide striking wheel arches, a slanting roofline with a Grand Tourer silhouette and new strongly contoured air intakes instead of a conventional radiator grille.

Engines will be V shaped, with 6 and 8 cylinders pushing a minimum of 300bhp to 500bhp, driving either the rear wheels or all four. Naturally aspirated and aspirated (turbo) petrol engines will be used, while a hybrid model should add a different dimension to the range. PDK, the new 7-speed double-clutch gearbox, will feature as an option to those who prefer it over 6-speed manual.

The Panamera's interior is made for sporting comfort, where the dash is driver-oriented in design. Passengers are also included in the fun since rear seating is more cinema-like, and the passengers are able to observe most of the going ons from their own comfort. The rear seats accommodate only two, making the Panamera a 2+2 four-door coupe. More info on engines, transmissions etc, will trickle through in the coming months. It will be built at Porsche's Leipzig plant for a showroom appearance of around August 2009. International Motor Shows will be showing the car going forward.