A video clip featuring the next-generation 2010 Toyota Prius commercial has been leaked for all to enjoy. It features a jazzy version of the classic "My Favorite Things" as background music.

"The 2010 Toyota Prius...Once you own one it will become one of YOUR favorite things." That is the tagline of the 2010 Prius whose latest television commercial has been leaked. Presented video clip features the 2010 Prius showing itself off on a round rotating ‘catwalk'. Background music is a jazzed-up version of "My Favorite Things" from the musical The Sound of Music to go with the tagline.

Prius is the most successful hybrid system-powered vehicle on the planet, having sold over a million units worldwide so far. It has gone through the usual nip/tuck facelift and now looks forward to a next-generation world debut at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The video shows clearly most of the new car's body features, but doesn't reveal much else, apart from the tagline above.

Toyota says although 2009 Prius is only slightly bigger than its predecessor, it has more rear passenger and boot space, thanks to the fact that it's grown bigger and wider. Despite this, an even better fuel efficiency level is said to have been attained from the hybrid system, the details of which Toyota is understandably coy about.

Toyota US top executive Jim Lentz is quoted as having mentioned other body styles to join the Prius hatch, styles like a wagon, commuter car or even a two-door coupe.


2010 Toyota Prius Commercial Leaked