A gift of 10,000 Volvo cars, from Volvo Thailand to 10,000 lucky pre-school children in conjunction with well-known Swedish toy maker Viking Toys Ltd.

Ten thousand (10,000) free Volvo cars are up for grabs in Thailand in a project that involves government and NGOs alike. Ok, these are toy cars and they are being given to underprivileged children in Thai pre-schools in a project called My First Volvo. The models involved are XC90, XC70 and C30.They are manufactured by Viking Toys Ltd.

"When Volvo Cars in Sweden licensed these toys," states Paul Stokes, President of Volvo Car (Thailand) Ltd, "we saw an obvious route to turn a commercial decision into a way to give a little something back to the youngest members of our society, particularly those from a less affluent background who need every ray of sunshine and every chance to smile. Here at Volvo with the ‘My First Volvo' project, we want to pass on our support and care to Thai children who really need help across the country."

Car manufacturers often target little children in their marketing campaigns as the kiddies are future potential customers.


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