Hyundai is not afraid to push ahead with it's own hybrid technology and take on Toyota and Honda for preeminence in the hybrid domain.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Hyundai has introduced its Hybrid Blue Drive Architecture which features an array of technical components that will go into its hybrid series.

The core of it features a 30kW electric motor with 205 Nm of torque tethered to either the 2.4 liter Theta II engine, or the 2.0 liter Theta Turbo GDI, all with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Hyundai is also using lithium polymer batteries, instead of lithium-ion, which have more power density and use a gel electrolyte instead of liquid one, making batteries smaller and more reliable.

Stop-start technology is also included in the architecture for further improved fuel economy.

Hyundai plans to begin introducing its Hybrid Blue Drive Architecture next year in "Blue" editions of its Accent and Elantra models.


Gallery: Hyundai Reveals Hybrid Blue Drive Architecture in L.A.

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