New Eco Assist System helps keep fuel economy high with computer control of the drivetrain elements and feedback indicators for driver performance. The system optimizes engine and CVT transmission management for maximum mileage.

This is the perfect technology for those drivers who make it a matter of pride and competition for getting the most mileage out of their hybrid vehicle.

Now, Honda has introduced a new system to help those drivers reach their maximum mileage potential.

The Honda Insight Concept takes its bow today at the Los Angeles Auto Show with the new Ecological Drive Assist System.

The Eco Assist System is a function that allows drivers to more fully maximize their fuel economy on the Honda Insight, a gasoline hybrid vehicle. The system exercises electronic control of the drivetrain elements, optimizing engine and CVT transmission management, to achieve the best mileage possible.

The system also provides the driver with instantaneous feedback on performance, with a green glowing meter showing when the acceleration is smoothest and braking least aggressive. The meter turns to blue to indicate the driving is less than optimal for fuel economy.

Hybrid fuel-saving fanatics can check out the release for more details.

The Ecological Drive Assist System will be introduced in the Honda Insight in March 2009.


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