Mercedes-Benz presents its latest in on-board IT technology with the myCOMAND Infotainment System. The new system features a series of Internet connected services including smart navigation and Internet telephony.

Automakers have been trying to devise on-board systems for linking cars to the Internet for years now. The problem has always been to find some useful purpose for it, devise something simple enough and "user-friendly", and make sure it doesn't distract the driver from keeping himself/herself alive.

So, the latest attempt at overcoming those hurdles comes from Mercedes-Benz, with a system they call myCOMAND.

MyCOMAND comes with an assortment of features starting with the oddly named Off-Board Navigation. This application offers navigation with the latest traffic data peeled off the Internet as well as point you to the closest gas station in case you're one of those people who like wait until you are driving on fumes to fill up.

There is also Internet Telephony (using Voice Over IP), just in case your current set up for linking your phone to the car is not complicated enough. And World Radio with which you can tap into, literally, every radio station in the world.

"Computer science experts expect that in a few years the Internet will be available almost everywhere," says the press release. As opposed, of course, to today where it is only available nearly everywhere.

Mercedes Present Futuristic myCOMAND Infotainment System At Los Angeles Auto Show