Nissan Cube continues tradition of the asymmetric rear end with simpler design lines, more space but still shorter than 4m in length.

The new generation Nissan Cube is now ready to melt any compact car fan's heart residing in Japan. Launched ahead of other markets, the Cube will be available on Japan sales floors from 26th November 2008, North America in spring 2009 and the rest of the world by autumn/fall 2009.

Following its very successful sales record, the Cube has sold almost a million examples since its launch in 1998 and the third installment you see here seeks to continue this tradition. Cube is all about design and comfort, compactness yet spaciousness. Many changes have obviously taken place, most of which we don't have enough space for.

The gist of it says the Cube is wider than previous generation car, offering things like a jacuzzi-like interior for comfort, rear passengers sit like cinema-goers with the windshield as the screen, so they are also able to see goings on around them. The large glass roof panel ensures an airy feeling, adding to the open-space feeling. The Cube is less than four metres long, giving drivers a turning circle among the best in class of 4.6 metres. Nissan's first radio/CD combo with rear view monitor is installed, so is a funky push button starter.

Cube's 1.5-litre engine is a low-fuel-consumption, good response star that can be driven either on two wheels or on all four with the e-4WD system. The latter has a standard XTRONIC CVT mechanism. Prices range between ¥1,449,000 ($14,971) and ¥1,911,000 ($19,744) for the 2WD and ¥1,687,350 ($17,433) to ¥1,928,850 ($19,928) in 4WD.


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