Toyota unveils first natural gas hybrid drive in the Camry. The CNG Camry Hybrid concept will be premiered at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday, November 19th.

Hearing any news from Toyota these days inevitably sounds like a taunt to the Big 3. It's not their fault, really. They're getting pummeled in sales too but they're not in jeopardy of imminent collapse and still have plenty of revenue streaming in and cash on hand to weather the storm.

So while the US automakers are drowning and begging for cash just to meet their payrolls, Toyota is rolling out its latest in hybrid technology: a natural gas hybrid.

The CNG Camry Hybrid is a concept car but it does provide some interesting numbers. With the natural gas equivalent of about 8 gallons of gasoline, the CNG Camry Hybrid gets a range of about 250 miles (or 400 km). That's an impressive pocketbook stat. It also emits lower levels of harmful emissions like NO-x, CO, CO2 gases as well as polluting particle matter.

But the car requires natural gas tanks, which must be cylindrical, in the spare-tire well and therefore come with runflat tires. Natural gas is also less dense, hence, less powerful, than gasoline or diesel fuel.

It's only a concept and there are no plans for production.

The CNG Camry Hybrid goes on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday.


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