An art and design student has developed a 3-in-1 child seat made from lightweight carbon fiber. It suits the needs of children from infant to large toddler.

Here's how to develop a Felipe Massa or Lewis Hamilton as early as possible. Student Rory Craig has developed a carbon fiber child seat as a prototype to try and sell to Sparco, the brand known for such products. It is race-inspired, as you can imagine, for those parents who like their children to also have a race-feel when being driven in something posh and fast.

Three types of seats would be on offer; the rear-facing seat for infant, upright, forward type for the toddle and a third youth booster seat. One seat for the entire development stages of a child, it achieves this ability by having an adjustable central pivot point.

Craig, who studies his art at Art Center College of Design is pitching the idea to Sparco, hence the seat does not fully function as yet. It is easy to clean, with the fully padded interior capable of being removed out of the carbon shell.


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