Chevrolet Volt has gone under the designer's scalpel, even before its launch. Enhancements are mainly interior-based, specifically on the center console.

Chevrolet has not even launched the Volt yet, but it has already gone and made some cosmetic changes from the car officially unveiled in September. Although not final still, this new look is probably as close to the real deal as it will be, with just a few more enhancements to be added.

Bob Boniface, Volt chief designer, says one of the changes is the middle touch screen frame which previously looked like it could be pulled down, either automatically or manually, which people who saw it, tried to do. It now has a form of a hood/ cape at the back, which is part of its design.

The buttons on the console have added pill-shaped targets which one can navigate towards. Buttons are not haptic though, meaning they are not sensitive to touch, although they make a noise when touched. The vents have also moved, described as "siamesed" off the sides of the centre console. A more upscale look and feel is thus achieved.


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