First pictures of Alfa Romeo's Mi.To interior reveal a sporty, typically Alfa look.

Mi.To, baby Alfa by all means. Now we reveal the first complete, undisguised, interior dash pictures of this supposed-MINI slayer, another one from the Fiat Group after the 500. Shots we first showed of spied interior were not too far off the mark at all – click here to refer – apart from the completely hidden centre console as well as the cloth seats. The car has shares a lot of its inside looks with bigger Alfas, and would be quite difficult not to recognise as an Alfa from a short glance.

As a miniature Alfa – not by much of course – Mi.To sports two doors that make it look like a roadster, but is actually a coupe. Not sure exactly how much legroom is in there yet but we do expect a comparable figure to its chief rivals. A major attraction to the Mi.To will be the Ferrari-style manettino system that regulates and harmonises settings for such things as damping and so on. Reports suggest it will be standard in the Mi.To, a car expected to fetch a minimum of €20,000 each at the dealers’.

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