NASCAR driver Kyle Busch has expressed disappointment that he will no longer be able to make his formula one test debut this winter.

It emerged earlier this year that the 23-year-old American was likely to test at Toyota's end-of-season exhibition in Japan -- possibly as a prelude to a more serious foray.

But according to the Charlotte Observer newspaper, the Toyota test has been called off because NASCAR is enforcing his presence at an awards banquet for the second-tier Nationwide Series.

"I don't get to drive the formula one car anymore," said Busch, who did not contest the entire Nationwide calendar this year.

"I have to go to the Nationwide banquet and accept my sixth place awards instead," he confirmed.

"NASCAR took me away from the formula one car."

The newspaper cited representatives for Busch as saying he might still test a formula one car, possibly in the first half of next year.