Mercedes-Benz SLC "Gullwing" interior has been revealed in scans that appear leaked from within Mercedes-Benz.

A few photos showing the new Mercedes-Benz "Gullwing" SLC have creeped up again. This time the interior is under the spotlight showing a very retro look. Interestingly we have no source for this photography, but we are inclined to believe they come either from Mercedes themselves as a marketing "leak" ploy or from an insider. Quality is not exactly up to our usual standards; take the slanted borders on the left and right sides that lead to suspicions of a scanned document, an internal pamphlet/brochure perhaps. And the instrument cluster image, our spy photographers are good but not so good as to get inside the car and take a straight-on shot like that.

Shared Mercedes switchgear is pretty evident, such as the COMMAND knob at the centre console, temperature switches, flat-bottomed steering wheel and headlight switch.

SLC is of course the in-house Mercedes supercar brought on to replace the SLR, since McLaren and the Germans are parting ways, developing their own cars. Power source is the 6.2-litre V8 producing upwards of a highly desirable 550bhp and 445lb ft of torque. We should start to spy the car in its own skin, out of that Viper garment, pretty soon.



Scans of Mercedes SLC Gullwing interior surface