Japanese manga characters found three seriously quick homes on one Yoshida San's three high performance cars.

See these cars right on these pictures? They are owned by one man, a matured gentleman by the name of Yoshida San. Yoshida is an avid gamer, in fact he is President of AGE SOFT, a videogame software house. Note the three customised cars; Lamborghini Gallardo, BMW M5 and Lancia Stratos are decorated Japan manga style. Manga is a cartoon method modernized and popularised in Japan from the 1950s. The cars are adorned with characters from manga and erotic video games. They were exhibited at an itasha event last weekend (itasha is the art of beautifying cars with anime or manga characters)

Yoshida San's cars have some international exposure already having been featured on Bloomberg.com and famitsu.com. The man is said to drive his Lambo on a daily basis, and even to business meetings as it doubles as a promotional mobile billboard during events.

Thanks to Frankie from Tokyo for this colourfully fast tip.


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